Lost: Via Domus – a pretty short game

According to the television series, Lost, in 2004, Oceanic Airlines flight 815 crashed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Whether you think survivors are stranded on the island or forced to stay in a different location, Ubisoft has added a survivor in the last adventure game. Lost Via Domus has prepared us a nice story, but too short, unfortunately.

In Lost Via Domus you take the role of a photojournalist suffering from amnesia, who was also a passenger on flight 815. During the game you have to slowly regain consciousness, completing missions (complete all missions), speaking with survivors and identifying clues in flashback that occur during the game. Since the beginning you known that you had a room on the plane. Obviously, one of your pictures have angered another survivor who wants to destroy your device and kill you. Events in the game blend perfectly with the series, being an excellent parallel between the two. Most of the events of the game take place during the first two seasons, but we also meat characters who appears in season three. Basic characters from the movie are here also: Jack, Locke, Kate, Sawyer, Charlie, Claire, Sun, Jin, Hurley, Sayid – the survivors and also from the Other side, Tom, Ben and Juliet, in order to keep the story with hostile alive.

The game environment is definitely the best part of the game. The already known areas from the movie are here and also new areas, added especially for this game which are excellent and shine. The lights, the feeling, the sounds in the game are all made excellent. I often walk just to see known area of the movie. The collapse zone of the plane looks exactly like the one in the pilot episode, even if the first chaotic minutes are not exactly as I wanted to be.

The big problem of the game is that you don’t have much to do to fill the almost 7 hours of play, even if you go alone to find all the “Easter eggs”, admire all the sights and unlock all the secrets. You will spend more time in accessing various areas with mini games.

What stands out the gameplay is the way photos are used in flashbacks in which you can play. After each remembered period you will get a glimpse of a picture. Since this is the most interesting part of the game, I will not give you more details because I want you to have the pleasure of discovering by yourself.

The game was designed for both PC and consoles and is not excellent on either of them. Playing it on PC is an advantage because you control the game with the mouse and keyboard, which is a much easier approach and gives you a better interaction with the game.

For most fans of the movie, the game will be a compulsory acquisition giving them a few hours of pleasure with their favorite characters. Unfortunately, the game ends too quickly and needs knowledge about the island, so you have to know the series and the events. You will have probably many questions if you don’t know the movie universe and for this reason I recommend you to see the movie first and then play the game.